Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Mankind's search for the creator

Man consistently searches for what advantages him and what shields him from damage. Nonetheless, to achieve this, man must almost certainly acknowledge what is destructive. He should then know whom he should need, trust, and love with the goal that he can accomplish what is gainful just as to like his decision.

He likewise should know the best possible and great methodology that would cause him to accomplish this objective. This last condition necessitates that man:

1.Know about mischief

2.What ways can be utilized to drive hurt away?

Positively, man can have no preferred direction over that which originates from the One Who had culminated everything, and the One who Has no lack in Himself and in His Attributes. The One Who is Ever-Living and Who does not kick the bucket. There can be nobody superior to anything the One Who Has no requirement for anything; the One Who is rich; the Giver; the One who, all things considered, controls man's spirit. Man is so poor to Him. He is Allah, the True and just God. Man can carry mischief to himself on the off chance that he looks for other than Allah for assistance. Allah is the One Who can help man drive away any mischief for it can't happen without His Will and His Power.

Allah Almighty sent down His Books and picked His Messengers to guide man to:

1. Know His Lord as He Almighty had clarified about Himself, and

2. Look for Him Alone while living as per His arrangement

Knowing Allah's Names and Attributes frees man from loving any type of creation since creation is feeble and needs The Creator, Allah. The information about Allah leads man to realize that he is made to live as indicated by Allah's way as uncovered to His Messengers may Allah lift up their notice the last of whom was Messenger Muhammad sallallaahu 'alayhi wa sallam ( may Allah commend his notice ).

This Revelation contains a total code of life. Everything that is helpful or hurtful is built up with the goal that man can base his life on this Revelation. In the event that man submits wrong and realizes that Allah is Oft-Forgiving he would go to Him, and to only him, looking for His absolution; Allah Says (what signifies): "So know, [O Muhammad sallallahu alaihi wa sallam], that there is no god with the exception of Allah and approach pardoning for your transgression ." [Quran 47:19]

It isn't right to think or accept that Allah made other 'divine beings' other than Him with the goal that man goes to them for assistance; adores them or dread them, and so forth. He is a similar God all things considered. He doesn't structure that individuals should make of stars, sun, fire, 'Eesa (Jesus), Moosa (Moses), Muhammad may Allah magnify their notice and so forth divine beings other than Him. He (Most Exalted) can't be 'conflicting'. He has one way (religion) that calls man to give up his will just to Him.

He cautioned that if man (even Muhammad sallallaahu 'alayhi wa sallam ( may Allah lift up his notice )) would take accomplices with Him, at that point his work will fall flat and will be among washouts; Allah Says (what signifies): "And verily, it had been uncovered to you (O Muhammad ) as has been uncovered to those before you. On the off chance that you go along with others in love with Allah (at that point) without a doubt (every one of) your deeds will be futile and you will positively be among the washouts. Nay! In any case, venerate Allah and be among thankful." [Quran 39:65-66]

Tell us what Muhammad sallallaahu 'alayhi wa sallam ( may Allah magnify his notice ) the man-Prophet, who realized Allah best, used to state: "O Allah, I look for shelter in You for Your Pleasure and against Your Wrath, and in Your Forgiveness and against Your Punishment and in You from You, I can't Praise You as You can Praise Yourself." (Muslim, Abu Dawood, At-Tirmithi, Ibn Majah)

He sallallaahu 'alayhi wa sallam ( may Allah lift up his notice ) used to state likewise: "I have given up myself to You, I have guided my face to You, I have endowed my illicit relationships to You, I have constrained my back to shelter in You, in need and in fear of You, there is no retreat nor survival from You aside from (in turning) to You. I have confidence in Your book (for example the Quran) which You cut down and in the Prophet (Muhammad ) you have sent." (Al-Bukhari and Muslim)

When we read in the Quran (what signifies): "Whatever of Mercy (for example of good), Allah may concede to humankind, none can retain it, and whatever He may retain, none can give it from that point. What's more, He is the All-Mighty, the All-Wise." [Quran 35:2]

What's more, when we read (what signifies): "If Allah contacts you with hurt, there is none can evacuate it yet He; and on the off chance that He means any bravo, there is none who can repulse His support which He makes it reach whomsoever of His slaves He will, and He is the Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful." [Quran 10:117]

We ought to be inspired to come back to Him Alone on occasion of straightforwardness and now and again of hardship. Also, when we read (what signifies): "If Allah encourages you none can beat you, and on the off chance that He spurns you, who is there, after Him, that can support you. Furthermore, in Allah (alone) let adherents put their trust." [Quran 3:160]

The Quran, in this way, drives man to a genuine freedom from any bogus connection. It carries harmony to the heart. It helps the devotee against affectation and all types of untrustworthiness.

Envision, for instance, a devotee confronting an issue at work. He sees wrong and faces unlawful practices. He doesn't dread dismissing what's up. He realizes that the activity is just a way to pick up his sustenance. While he might be not able right what's going on, he knows well that Allah is the One Who gives. In the event that he exits his profession for Allah, Allah will give him a superior one. Allah Almighty Said (what signifies): "And whoever fears Allah—He will make for him an exit plan. Furthermore, will accommodate him from where he doesn't anticipate. Also, whoever depends upon Allah — at that point He is adequate for him. For sure, Allah will achieve His motivation. Allah has effectively set for everything a [decreed] degree." [Quran 65:2-3]

The above writings, requires that man must rely on Allah Almighty approaching Him Alone for help. It likewise necessitates that man must love Allah and love Him Alone to pick up His pleasure and His assistance. Is it false that the individuals who consider this life as the "Last Goal" wind up adoring numerous things in it? You see them so cautious about "having everything". They torment themselves: torment, trouble, steady stress, keeping their hands in the banks for many advances to stay aware of the "requests of improvement". They are under the consistent danger of fore-conclusion. They continually observe neediness before their eyes.

The Prophet sallallaahu 'alayhi wa sallam ( may Allah commend his notice ) stated: "Allah says: 'Child of Adam: Fill your time with My love and I will fill your heart with lavishness, and end off your destitution. Yet, on the off chance that you don't, I would make your hands completely occupied (for example in common undertakings) and I would not end off your destitution.'" (At-Tirmithi)

Our motivation of presence on earth is more significant than being captives to common additions. There can be no significant life superior to anything that recommended by our Creator Allah. Each demonstration done by Allah's way is a demonstration of love. Man is the recipient and Allah is in no need; Allah Says (what signifies): "O humanity! It is you who remain needing Allah, yet Allah is Rich (Free all things considered and needs), Worthy of All Praise." [Quran 35:15]